The Durham Grit Award

Jun. 14, 2013 @ 03:48 PM

News that doctors at Duke have successfully transplanted a bioengineered vein will have broad implications for those in need of medical care. As reported in Thursday’s Herald-Sun by April Dudash, it is made from human cells and biodegradable scaffolding, and eventually the patient’s own cells will take over and cover the implant.
While the first patient to receive the bioengineered vein is a kidney dialysis patient, down the road, heart bypass patients and transplant patients may benefit from the technology.
Thanks to Duke’s continued outstanding medical advancements, which it is making on what seems to be an almost daily basis, Durham richly deserves the City of Medicine moniker.
Patient Lawrence Breakley had the courage to be the first to try the vein. Breakley said he has watched younger patients receive dialysis, and he saw the transplanted vein as his chance to help younger generations.
This week’s Grit Award goes to both the team of faculty, doctors and students who created the vein and to Breakley for his bravery and generosity of spirit. 


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