Grit Award

Oct. 04, 2013 @ 07:51 PM

It’s a pretty safe bet what most of us would do if we looked in our shower and saw a tarantula.

The options would probably run the very short gamut from flee to flail.

But for Andrew Bauer, that encounter was an opportunity. He scooped it up and kept it as a pet, at least until it escaped.

Bauer is a 22-year-old with an affinity for bugs.  This past summer, he spent 50-hour weeks searching for bugs on a Dominican Republic cacao farm.

It seemed a perfectly natural summer vacation to Bauer, a Durham Technical Community College student who aspires to a Ph.D in entomology. “I’ve always been into bugs since I can remember,” he told The Herald-Sun’s April Dudash this week.

He doesn’t aim low – he told Dudash that he wants to discover a new insect species and have photographs published in National Geographic.

For his passion for what many would avoid and his expansive dreams, we’re to bestow this week’s Grit Award.