Grit Award

Nov. 22, 2013 @ 03:42 PM

Last week in this space, we talked about the importance of supporting veterans throughout the year. This week, Operation Homefront demonstrated that purpose in a generous, meaningful way.
The nonprofit organization has helped veterans move into 280 homes since February of last year. One of their most recent homes given to a vet, mortgage-free (with the assistance of Wells Fargo), is here in Durham.
Lamarr Reynolds is a single dad now living in California. He served in the Marine Corps for four years before being honorably discharged. With the help of Operation Homefront, he and his two daughters are moving across the country to a house on Buxton Street, where each of his girls will have her own room, and the family will own the home.
Reynolds said it’s provided him with an opportunity to let his daughters know that he will take care of them the best he can.
When Wells Fargo mortgage underwriter Nathan Horton thanked Reynolds for everything he has done for this country, Reynolds’ response was very telling about the type of guy he is: “I’d do it again, for your family and mine,” he said.
We are thrilled to have the Reynolds family as new residents in Durham, and appreciate all Wells Fargo and Operation Homefront – the recipients of this week’s Grit Award – are doing to assist veterans in a very meaningful way.