Grit Award

Feb. 28, 2014 @ 05:05 PM

Leslie and Will McDow are remarkable parents who had a remarkable daughter.
Florence had a neurological disorder called autoimmune encephalitis. At 6, she lost her fight with it.
You get a sense of Florence from this description her mom gives of her: “Seeing [our] kid hooked up to a bunch of machines on a bunch of drugs … wearing her cape … with this exuberant energy like ‘I can do this’ is just something that has really stuck with us. It’s an image I’m proud of and want others to feel inspired by.”
How could you not be inspired? The McDows have honored Florence by creating a nonprofit to help others with autoimmune encephalitis. There’s a race Saturday, March 1, that they have organized to raise funds. They also have plans to create “Cape Moments.” Florence was a superhero, and came complete with a pink cape. They want to celebrate others who are strong like their daughter and celebrate those moments.
Today we want to celebrate their strength and love, giving them this week’s Grit Award.
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