Grit Award

Dec. 13, 2013 @ 02:34 PM

This has been a week filled with people in the news who are deserving of the Grit Award. Duke’s Perry Simmons was one of 16 football players honored nationally as a scholar-athlete. “It just shows when you put in the hard work and try to do the right things, things pay off for you,” Simmons said.
Then we had the students at Seawell Elementary who collected their pennies to help typhoon victims in the Philippines. They saw a need and wanted to help. Their efforts raised $489.15, and the children expressed a great deal of empathy and concern for the victims.
Finally, there are the Durham firefighters and Los Primos grocery store owner Miguel Collado who teamed up to give more than 100 shoppers free groceries at the store on East Main Street. Each shopper was allowed a maximum of $100 in groceries, but several shoppers took less so that more people could participate. It was a generous thing to do in a neighborhood where many need assistance.
Taking a cue from the Los Primos giveaway, we, too, want to be generous. That’s why instead of one Grit Award this week, we’re gleefully giving three. Happy holidays to all.