Grit Award

Jul. 12, 2013 @ 11:57 AM

Starting your professional career with an Emmy nomination already under your belt is no small feat. A group of students, though, in UNC’s School of Journalism can now add that to their CV. The students created a documentary, “100 Gallons: How Water Powers Life,” for UNC’s Powering a Nation journalism project.

The students went from the sewers of New York to Amish country in Ohio to tell the story of water’s role in our world. And they did it exquisitely well.

While it may not carry the weight of an Emmy, all the students and the faculty who created this project that will go up against pieces from the likes of CNN and The New York Times can add the accolade of being the recipient of this week’s Grit Award.

Job well done. We’ll have our fingers crossed when the Emmy winners are announced Oct. 1.