Herald-Sun editorial: Top stories offer a look back

Dec. 25, 2012 @ 05:21 PM

Throughout the year 2012, The Herald-Sun has brought our readers the biggest and most compelling stories of the past 12 months.

Sometimes it is not the most prominent stories that connect with readers individually. It might be the simpler, smaller story that perhaps has a personal connection that turns out to be the most memorable story for a single reader, and we pay special care and attention to those stories as well. However, the big stories offer a helpful degree of insight into the shape and importance of a given year.

The No. 10 story on the list is a big one with big dollar signs attached. The Duke Forward campaign is a multi-billion dollar initiative that benefits a number of programs at the university. A particular focus is on a major upgrade of athletics facilities.  Duke is positioning itself to be a leader in the world of higher education in the decades to come.

The No. 9 story is the improved performance of Durham Public Schools. DPS has increased graduation rates and academic performance and had no schools deemed low performing. More work needs to be done, but the signs are encouraging as our public school students, parents, teachers and administrators greet 2013.

The No. 8 story chronicles the city of Durham's effort to redevelop the Rolling Hills neighborhood near downtown. The multi-million dollar undertaking is hoped to provide a much-needed revitalization for the former historic Hayti neighborhood.

The No. 7 story is the state of the Liberty Warehouse property after a rocky year. The former tobacco warehouse faced a demolition-by-neglect order, and with a tenant lawsuit and preservation issues, it's future remains up in the air.

The No. 6 story is one that attracted plenty of controversy locally, the 751 development project fight. The back-and-forth extended all the way to the state legislature, and had a major influence on local elections as well.

Check out the top five stories as the countdown continues.