How to submit an obituary

May. 08, 2015 @ 01:59 PM


To place a tribute or obituary in the paper of the same name in Victoria, Australia, please visit them here or call them at (03) 9292 2222.


We suggest that individuals first contact the funeral home or crematory, which usually submits an obituary for publication.

When is the deadline?

Obituaries must be submitted to The Herald-Sun by 5 p.m. to appear in the next day’s newspaper. Email obituaries to

How do I write an obituary?

The Herald-Sun is developing guidelines for writing an obituary. In the meantime, the following links provide general help when writing an obituary:


Will the obituary be posted on The Herald-Sun website?

Paid obituaries are posted in the Obituaries section of our website at, usually the evening before the newspaper is published.


What is the cost?


  • $3.25 per line
  • Minimum cost $50 (approximately 15 lines of 29 characters each)


  • $35. Photos are published black-and-white, but you can send us a color photo.
  • Attach to your email in .JPG format, 300 dpi. If you are not familiar with these specifications, send the photo you have, and we will let you know if we need a different photo file.
  • Photos are printed 1 ½-inches wide by 2 inches. We may have to crop and/or resize the photo to fit this size.
  • Published photos appear beneath the person’s name and above the obituary text.

       Multiple days

  • To publish an obituary more than one day, each additional day is one-half the cost of the first day.
  • Example: An obituary that is $200 the first day, would be $300 for 2 days and $400 for 3 days.


Non-electronic text

  • To reduce the potential for errors, we discourage submission of faxed or PDF obituaries, which are an additional $25.



After the obituary is edited and formatted, we will contact you by phone to arrange for credit card payment.


How do I contact the Obituary Desk at The Herald-Sun?


Office: 919-419-6640


  • Monday through Saturday, 2-5 p.m.
  • Sunday, 3-5 p.m.


  • Erin Hardy, Tuesday through Saturday
  • Tom Clark, Sunday and Monday