“Green Goblin” robber pleads guilty in federal court

Mar. 13, 2013 @ 06:03 PM

Damon Antoine Quick, the former Durham firefighter accused of robbing stores and restaurants while wearing a Green Goblin mask last May and June, has pleaded guilty in federal court to eight charges associated with the armed robberies of those businesses.

Quick, 36, is scheduled to be sentenced June 21 in the Winston-Salem federal courthouse. Under the terms of his plea agreement, he could be sentenced to as much as 140 years in prison and be ordered to pay a maximum $1,750,000 fine, followed by at least seven years in prison and a maximum of a $250,000 fine, but it will be up to the judge to set the exact sentence.

Quick entered the plea on Jan. 16, and he pleaded guilty to robbing Gamestop on North Pointe Drive on May 8, 2012; Family Dollar on South Miami Blvd., on May 12, 2012; Dollar General on Ganyard Farm Way on May 17, 2012; Domino’s Pizza on West Main Street on May 23, 2012; Captain D’s on North Roxboro Road on May 23, 2012; Dollar Tree on North Pointe Drive on June 4, 2012; Dollar Tree on Guess Road on June 12, 2012; and attempted robbery of Dollar Tree on Guess Road on June 12, 2012.

In the plea agreement Quick signed, he said he was pleading guilty because he was “in fact, guilty and not because of any threats or promises.”

A document filed with the Middle District of North Carolina United States District Court, said that during the first robbery on May 8 at Gamestop, a man wearing black clothing and wearing a Green Goblin Halloween mask entered the store and held employees at gunpoint. He threw a black drawstring bag at an employee and told him to fill it with cash. He then ordered him to pass the bag around and told each employee to put their wallets and cell phones in the bag.

“Defendant Quick said he would not go back to jail and threatened to kill the employees if the police showed up,” the document stated.

During the investigation, a surveillance camera at the store showed a light-colored Dodge Caliber “appearing to flee from the scene at the conclusion of the robbery.”

During the subsequent robberies, Quick entered the stores or restaurants at closing time, forcing his way in at gunpoint while wearing the Green Goblin mask. He also provided a black drawstring bag and told the employees and customers to put their wallets and cell phones into it.

In those robberies, he asked the employees their names and asked if they had children, while pointing a gun directly at them.

Quick followed the same pattern during a robbery at Dollar General on Ganyard Farm Way. An employee who worked at that store later said he didn’t believe it was Quick that robbed the store because he knew Quick in high school and the robber did not sound like Quick.

The robberies were captured on surveillance cameras at the businesses.

In June 2012, investigators with the Durham Police Department developed Quick, a firefighter, as a suspect based on his description and the fact that he drove a Dodge Caliber. They checked his work records at the Durham Fire Department and found he was off work at the time of each robbery.

On June 7, 2012, Durham police investigators began surveillance of Quick in conjunction with cellular telephone location information.

During the surveillance, Quick drove his car as though he were trying to escape surveillance by erratically driving, speeding, putting on his turn signal and then suddenly turning in the opposite direction, making U-turns across several lanes of traffic, pulling into retail parking lots, circling through the lots and exiting through the driveways that he entered.

In one instance, he parked outside a Dollar General store in Durham and sat in his car for an extended period of time before leaving.

On June 12, 2012, police were tracking Quick through a device attached to his car authorized by a federal tracking warrant.

They followed him into the parking lot of Dollar Tree Stores at 3823 Guess Road, and saw him force his way into the business as a female attempted to close the door.

“Once inside the business, Defendant Quick pulled a silver and black handgun from his waist area and pointed the firearm at the female store employee,” the document stated. “Defendant Quick directed a second store employee to come toward him.”

A third employee, who was near the back of the store, ran to the back and out the door, which activated the emergency exit alarm.

“Defendant Quick then ran out of the back door of the store as well,” the document stated. “Defendant Quick put the mask and firearm in a black drawstring bag he was carrying.

“When confronted by officers outside the business, Defendant Quick attempted to resist, but the officers were able to affect his arrest,” the document stated.

Shortly after Quick was arrested and charged by Durham law enforcement with multiple counts of armed robberies, kidnappings and other charges associated with the robberies, he attempted to commit suicide by hanging himself in the Durham County Jail. A jailer found him, and while they waited for an ambulance, officials began CPR on Quick. He was transported to the hospital and was in critical condition for a day or two, but he recovered.

Quick had been a Durham firefighter for nine years at the time of his arrest.

Quick originally faced charges in state court, but federal officials indicted him in September 2012 on similar charges and moved forward with those charges immediately.

As part of the plea agreement, secondary charges for each of the robberies will likely be dismissed.

Quick’s attorney in federal court will prepare a pre-sentencing report before Quick is sentenced in June.