Chapel Hill woman charged with first-degree murder

Aug. 08, 2013 @ 05:21 PM

Police charged a 48-year-old woman with first-degree murder Wednesday night after she allegedly stabbed a man said to be her husband in the chest, killing him almost instantly.
Police charged Michelle Denise McClinton of 106 Ashley Forrest Road, Chapel Hill, with killing Darryn Maurice Dye, 45, of 529 Hillsborough St., Apt. G3, Chapel Hill.
Dye’s sister, Angela “Queen B” Reid Gilmore Nickeson, said her brother and McClinton were married, often fought and had separated about a week ago. Dye had moved into Nickeson’s apartment at the Brookside Condominiums on Hillsborough Street after they separated, she said.
The stabbing occurred about 10 p.m.
Earlier in the evening, Nickeson and her brother ran some errands together and picked up some chicken wings at a nearby restaurant to bring home to eat. When they got home, they turned on the TV and were waiting for a movie to come on when suddenly McClinton appeared in the open front doorway, Nickeson said.
McClinton came in and sat in a chair near the door. Dye was sitting on the couch, and Nickeson was sitting on another couch in the small living room. Dye and McClinton appeared to be getting along.
At one point, McClinton sat in Dye’s lap and he was playing with her hair, and they danced together for a moment or two, Nickeson said.
The pair then walked back through the kitchen and went out on the back steps to talk. They came back a little bit later, Nickeson said.
“He asked, ‘Do you want some chicken wings?’” Nickeson said.
“The next thing I know she went into the kitchen. I thought she was going to get a cup,” Nickeson said.
When McClinton came back she was carrying a knife hidden behind her back, Nickeson said.
Her brother was standing near the front door, she said.
McClinton drew the knife up as she approached Dye and stabbed him in the chest before anyone could stop her, and her brother fell back, Nickeson said.
“Me and my husband put him on the chair. I’m a CNA. I tried to bring him back. He was already dead before the ambulance arrived,” Nickeson said.
Nickeson said she wanted to kill McClinton.
“I said, ‘You’re going to kill my brother. I’m going to kill you,’” Nickeson said.
Police officers at the scene told her to calm down and took her out and put her in a police car, Nickeson said.
Nickeson said McClinton tried to tell police that some Mexicans had stabbed Dye somewhere else and that she had brought him to the apartment to get him help, Nickeson said.
Nickeson said she didn’t know why McClinton stabbed her brother and didn’t know if they got into an argument on the back steps.
“She took my brother’s life for no reason,” she said.
Other people living at the Brookside Condominiums say the complex is normally quiet and contains a mixture of families, working people and students. Some apartments in the complex are leased through a program for people with mental illness or drug problems who are trying to get back on their feet, according to Melody Ivans, a member of the homeowners’ board.
Residents in the complex often heard people yelling and screaming at each other from the apartment where Dye was killed, and they had called police about the fights and complained to the landlord, saying the commotions at the apartment have shattered the peaceful neighborhood where they live, Ivans said.