Police Log

Mar. 04, 2013 @ 10:40 AM

New charges for two convicted murderers

DURHAM - Police on Friday lodged additional charges against two convicted murderers they believe were involved in a string of holdups around the city.

John Antonio Lyons, 32, of 909 Jones Circle in Durham, faces three additional counts of robbery with a dangerous weapon, four additional counts of kidnapping and three counts of felony conspiracy. He was ordered held on those charges pending a $5 million secured bond.

The second man, Bernic Lee Alston-Currie, 28, of 1809 E. Main St. in Durham, also faces more counts of robbery with a dangerous weapon, conspiracy and conspiracy. His bond on those charges is $1.2 million secured.

Both men were already in the Durham County Jail. Lyons has been there since Feb. 14, Alston-Currie since Feb. 7. They allegedly worked together to rob a number of stores and other businesses.

Alston-Currie to date has been charged with 22 robberies, Lyons with five.

Both have prior records that include convictions for second-degree murder. Alston-Currie served nearly nine and a half years in prison for a 2002 homicide and got out last March.

Lyons, who uses Junior in his name, did nearly 12½ years for a 1998 homicide, getting out of prison in July 2011.

Friday’s arrest warrants allege that Lyons used a pistol-pump shotgun in the robberies he’s accused of. Alston-Currie allegedly used a handgun in his.


Man arrested for sexual assault of children

DURHAM - A 38-year-old man faces statutory rape and sex-offense charges that stem from alleged assaults of two children, ages 11 and 14.

Jorge Alberto Juarez-Lopez, 38, of Chapel Hill Road in Durham, was arrested Saturday by Durham police. He was held in the Durham County Jail pending a $3 million bond that Magistrate C.H. Lowe said was pegged at that amount because of the seriousness of the alleged offense.

Durham County Sheriff’s Office records also indicate that authorities have placed an immigration hold on Juarez-Lopez’s potential release from jail. He has no prior criminal record in North Carolina.


Wounded man free on assault charges

DURHAM - A Durham man went free Saturday after police accused him of assaulting another with a handgun.

Anthony Sharrod Clayton, 21, of Drexall Avenue, faces a count of assault with a deadly weapon inflicting serious injury. He received a $30,000 unsecured bond and went free shortly thereafter.

Magistrate J.E. Payne said he gave Clayton an unsecured bond because Clayton had himself suffered a gunshot wound, and because he had a history of showing up in court.

N.C. Department of Correction records indicate that Clayton has prior convictions for possessing stolen goods, possessing drug paraphernalia and larceny. He received probation for those charges and has never been in prison.


Man charged with shooting his dog

DURHAM - Police arrested a Durham man Friday in connection with the shooting of his dog.

Wilbert Odell Claiborne, 57, of Meadowlark Place, faces counts of discharging a firearm, felony cruelty to animals and resisting an officer.

Arrest warrants allege Claiborne shot a “German Shepherd-type” dog in the shoulder with a shotgun, with the intent to kill the animal, and then lied to police about the incident.

Claiborne went free on a $10,000 unsecured bond allowed, Magistrate N.T. Hunter said, because he’d turned himself in and had no serious criminal record.


Exposure charge for man outside Nasher Museum

DURHAM - Duke University Police on Saturday charged a Durham man with exposing himself in the parking lot of the Nasher Museum of Art.

Christopher D. Starks, 26, of Birch Avenue, faces counts of indecent exposure, second-degree trespassing and possession of up to half an ounce of marijuana. He was held in the Durham County Jailing pending a $1,500 secured bond.

Duke police said Starks had been warned to stay off campus. He allegedly exposed his penis in the presence of a woman.


Durham woman charged in Raleigh break-in

DURHAM - A woman faces a charge of being an accessory after the fact to a breaking and entering in Raleigh.

Jewel London Walker, 40 of Pilot Street, was arrested Saturday, four days after Raleigh police swore out an arrest warrant against her.

They allege that she drove for a person who broke into and stole from a vehicle.

Walker went free after signing a written promise to appear in court.


Panhandling charge for roadside solicitor

DURHAM - Police on Friday charged a man with violating the city’s new rules on roadside solicitation.

William Russell Elliott, 54, of Liberty Street, faces a count of panhandling on a roadway. He was held in Durham County Jail pending a $500 secured bond.

Magistrate Daniel Willis said in court papers that he deemed a secured bond necessary to ensure both the public’s safety and Elliott’s “due to [his] history of similar behavior.”

An arrest warrant alleged that Elliott violated two sections of the ordinance that bar soliciting from medians and that require solicitors to wear reflective outerwear.

The warrant also said Elliott was on the left side of the ramp that carries traffic from westbound Interstate 40 onto Durham-Chapel Hill Boulevard.

There is no median there, but there is also no paved sidewalk. The new ordinance, passed by the City Council on Dec. 17, allows soliciting only from paved sidewalks.

Some advocates for the homeless and local church groups have the asked the City Council to rescind the new rules.

The address the warrant gave for Elliott is that of Urban Ministries, the operator of the city’s second-largest homeless shelter.

N.C. Department of Correction records indicate that Elliott has a lengthy felony record that includes convictions for breaking and entering, robbery, prison escape, cocaine trafficking, burglary and embezzlement. He was last in prison in 2009.