A vintage sign returns

Feb. 28, 2013 @ 05:52 PM

A new sign went up in Oxford last week.  Well, actually it is an old sign but at a new location.

It is thought that the sign was on Hwy. 15 on the Suitt Farm.  Hoffmann Suitt and his sisters, Betsy Oakley and Rebecca Walsh, donated the sign to the museum several years ago.  It was put in a storage room and since it weighs about 300 pounds, it was not moved until recently.

While cleaning out the storage area before construction begins on the museum’s expansion Project, it was decided to restore the sign to its original appearance.  Reflectors on the sign were all gone but a search on Ebay was successful in finding some new ones.

The museum hired Dale Cates of Cates Signs to make the sign "come back to life".

Ken Koepplinger, Tommy Stinson, and Barry Horton spent hours on a chilly day putting the restored sign on the east side of the Granville History Museum.

It was not an easy task trying to secure this heavy sign on the bricks that are more than 150 years old.   This building was the county jail for over one hundred years.

Drivers turning down Museum Lane and into the city parking lot will immediately see the advertisement for "Oxford Sells Tobacco Higher" with an arrow pointing toward the town. 

At one time there were many such signs around.  But if one needs to be reminded of an important part in this city's and county's history, you will find it on the History Museum.