NCCU student move-in slated for Wednesday, Thursday

Aug. 07, 2014 @ 06:07 PM

N.C. Central University students will start moving into residence halls Wednesday and Thursday to start the fall semester, which will mean opportunities for volunteerism as well as the possibility of heavy traffic.

The two-day tradition known as “Eagle Move-In” marks the start of college life for first-time and new transfer students.

“NCCU is the gateway to opportunity and move-in is the first step in the journey,” N.C. Central Chancellor Debra Saunders-White said in a statement.

N.C. Central has an incoming class of approximately 1,200 students, which is 11 percent larger than last year’s class.

The average grade point average of the students is 3.45, and the average SAT score is 937, according to a news release from the school’s Office of Public Relations.

Nearly a fourth of the students are expected to be the first generation in their families to earn a four-year degree.

As part of “Eagle Move-In,” Saunders-White and William G. Ingram, president of Durham Technical Community College, will be at Chidley North Residence Hall on Wednesday to greet the first cohort of students in the new “Eagle Connect” program. 

The program is the Triangle region’s first residential, dual enrollment, transfer admissions program that provides support to help Durham Tech students meet the academic requirements to transfer to NCCU.

After moving in, the students will participate in events and programs known as the “Week of Welcome.” The programs are led by the Division of Academic Affairs and the Division of Student Affairs.

For the move-in, certain parking lots and street spaces will be closed to accommodate students, including street parking on George Street, the East side of Nelson Street and the O’Kelly-Riddick Lot.

 School officials have also warned about possibility of heavy traffic on Fayetteville Street and Alston Avenue between Lawson and Cecil streets.

For information about volunteering to help with the move-in, go to the website to access the volunteer registration form.