751 South bill delayed again

Jul. 24, 2013 @ 07:45 PM

In another delay, the N.C. Senate pushed a vote from Wednesday to today on a measure that would force the city to provide water and sewer services to the proposed 751 South residential and commercial development.

Senate leaders are waiting for the N.C. House to vote on another bill that’s proposed to delay implementation of rules designed to address Jordan Lake water quality issues.

If approved, the 751 South bill would annex the 751 South property into Durham, along with land involved an expansion of the adjoining Colvard Farms neighborhood. The annexation wouldn’t take effect until 2023.

It also would require municipal governments to extend water and sewer services to a project if a property owner applied voluntarily for annexation, but was denied.

However, the property owner would have to provide notice within 60 days of the bill becoming law. The property owner also would need all requirements of any utility extension agreement presented to the governing board at the same time of the failed annexation.