Jambopalooza, summit hikes – ‘experience of a lifetime’

Jul. 22, 2013 @ 06:01 PM

The BSA National Jamboree is still buzzing with excitement here at the Summit Bechtel Reserve in West Virginia. The big arena show was held this past Saturday featuring musical performers such as Sarah Centeno and 3 Doors Down,  as well as dignitaries such as His Majesty the King of Sweden and the star of the TV show “Dirty Jobs,” Mike Rowe. The AT&T Summit Center was packed with 40,000 scouts, scouters and family members.

The next day, Sunday, was Jambopalooza, a big, carnival event held right here at the Jamboree. There were so many games and activities being held, with one of the biggest events being the Pinewood Derby Car races. Twenty-four hours prior to the event, each troop was given a blank rectangular prism of wood and a set of wheels. In the time given, each troop had to construct the best car they could with the materials that they had in camp. Unfortunately,  my Troop A120’s car only got third place, but it was still loads of fun. Jambopalooza was an afternoon to remember with music, games and the largest event of all: the world record.

Later that day, the Boy Scouts at the National 2013 Jamboree broke the world record for the most beach balls in the air at one time. The previous record was approximately 1,000 beach balls at the opening of Lego Land Waterpark in Florida. For the Summit, 25,000 beach balls were made. It is still inconclusive how many were truly in the air, but surely we broke a world record!

After all of the excitement at Jambopalooza, everyone headed back to their campsites and settled down. After the sun went down, everyone heard an explosion, looked to the skies and watched the incredible fireworks show visible from all four of the base camps.

This Jamboree is the experience of a lifetime, no matter what you are doing. You can go to the pools and SCUBA dive, go on the longest zipline in the world or visit the largest skate park in the world. Even excluding the high-adventure activities, you can work on the Welding Merit Badge or trade patches to get interesting patches from across the country and world. It’s hard to be bored at this incredible experience.

Tuesday, Troop A120 is going on our summit hike. Each troop is assigned a day to hike up to the summit. We have been told that at the top there will be many activities such as tomahawk and knife throwing. The 10-day adventure is nearing its end, so everyone is getting out there and doing as much as they can during the 2013 National Jamboree here at the Summit Bechtel Reserve.