Pelissier to seek appointment to state House District 50 seat

Sep. 24, 2013 @ 03:03 PM

Orange County Commissioner Bernadette Pelissier has announced she will seek appointment to the state House District 50 seat being vacated today by Valerie Foushee, who is moving on to the state Senate.
Foushee has been appointed to fill the state Senate District 23 vacated by Ellie Kinnaird last month. 
She will be sworn in today at 2 p.m. at the Chatham County Courthouse.
Pelissier joins a growing list of residents who have announced plans to seek appointment to the seat that covers parts of both Durham and Orange counties.
The others include Durham businessman Tommy McNeil, Chapel Hill Town Councilwoman Laurin Easthom and Graig Meyer, a veteran educator and social worker.
Pelissier, announcing her intentions under a banner of “Step up or Give Up,” singled out a divisive state legislature led by a Republican majority as one reason she will seek the appointment.  
“I intend to step up to provide access to quality education for all,” Pelissier said. “I will step up to promote entrepreneurship and to encourage the growth of new and existing businesses in North Carolina, which will provide good paying jobs for all.”
She added that if appointed, she will work to ensure state government is more transparent and fair to all citizens. 
“As a county commissioner who has lived in both the urban and rural areas, I know the interests and needs of this district,” Pelissier said. “With my experience, passion, commitment, and courage, I offer to step up and serve with integrity in the General Assembly for all North Carolina.”
Pelissier is a former chairwoman of the Orange County Board of Commissioner, and has served and several other leadership roles throughout Orange County.
Kinnaird resigned last month, citing frustration with the Republican-controlled General Assembly.
She announced plans for a campaign to ensure citizens have the proper identification to vote to counter the state’s new voter ID law backed and approved by the legislature’s Republican majority.