More privileges for handgun owners? Not at Duke

Sep. 23, 2013 @ 07:23 PM

Duke University reiterated Monday that no firearms will be allowed on university property despite a state law that goes into effect Oct. 1 widening the scope of where handgun owners with concealed carry permits can have their weapons.

The bill signed by Gov. Pat McCrory earlier this year changes the state firearms law to allow people with concealed carry permits to keep handguns in locked vehicles in state-owned or state-leased parking lots, among other changes.

But in a post on its internal news publication Duke Today, the university said firearms will still be prohibited on campus due to carve-outs in the law for private schools.

The law allows employees of colleges, universities or boarding schools who live on-campus in detached houses with only their family to keep handguns at their homes, and in their locked vehicles if they have concealed-carry permits. However, private schools can specifically prohibit possession.

Duke has a policy that bans the possession, transfer, sale or use of weapons on university and health system-owned or leased property, according to the article in Duke Today.

Signs will be posted at the university and health system stating that it is illegal to bring firearms on its property as well as onto property it leases, the article states.