Organic Transit appears on NBC’s ‘Today’ show

Jan. 18, 2013 @ 11:17 AM

Organic Transit, the Durham-based company that’s been working on to produce a solar-or-pedal-powered consumer velomobile, is scheduled to be on NBC’s “Today” show Friday.

Alix Bowman, director of strategy for Organic Transit, said company founder Rob Cotter and another employee were in New York City Thursday to meet with producers of Today.

“We couldn’t really ask for bigger exposure than that, and we’re very excited that we’re going to be on there,” Bowman said.

The company is working to develop the Elf, a three-wheeled vehicle with pedals as well as an electric motor.

The lithium battery pack in the vehicle is designed to be able to be recharged using solar power technology.

The company recently surpassed a goal to raise $100,000 on the crowdfunding website Kickstarter.

The company raised $225,789, according to Bowman.

The funding was meant to pay for the materials and manpower for the first 100 vehicles, according to the Kickstarter website,

Bowman said the company has six functional prototypes, each a different iteration of the vehicle.

At the end of the month, she said Organic Transit’s founders are looking to deliver beta vehicles to their beta testers.

She said those vehicles are going to early adopters in Durham who will work with the company during a testing period, offering feedback.

“At the end of the testing period, we’ll upgrade all those vehicles to match the production model,” she said.

They’re expecting to start delivery of the first production run to Kickstarter backers in March.