DA expects decision on AFAM by end of month

Feb. 06, 2013 @ 04:16 PM

Orange County District Attorney Jim Woodall has received an SBI investigative report about UNC’s African and Afro-American Studies Department and expects to make a decision whether anyone should be charged with a crime by the end of the month.

Woodall said he received the report Thursday and asked investigators to check a few more things for him. When he receives that information he’ll be ready to make a decision, he said.

The investigators looked into whether anyone violated the law when professors were paid for courses they did not teach, whether anyone committed fraud, whether anyone illegally changed grades in a computer or if anyone tried to cover up any crimes that may have been committed in the department.

The irregularities in the department came to light when it was learned some freshmen athletes were steered to the department to take upper-level, independent study classes that normally they would not have been qualified to take. It was later discovered that no one taught those classes and that students turned their papers into a department administrator for grades.