Beyer joins grassroots education advocacy group

Feb. 06, 2013 @ 09:01 PM

Natalie Beyer, a member of the Durham Public Schools Board of Education, is now one of the volunteer leaders of a grassroots advocacy group called Public Schools First NC.
“We want to celebrate the great accomplishments of our public schools and educate North Carolina citizens so they can be informed about ways to strengthen and support schools and teachers,” Beyer said. “People know our public schools are making incredible progress. It’s important we continue to invest in our students and our teachers.”
The group formed during the past several months as Beyer worked with other leaders, including Nick Rhodes in New Hanover County and Dot Kendall Kearns in Guilford County.
In a statement released Monday, Public Schools First NC listed what it supports and what it opposes.
The group supports:
--Funding reflecting at least the national average for North Carolina’s 115 school districts.
--More funding for pre-school.
--Educational environments that make partners of schools, families, teachers and the community.
--Programs that encourage teacher retention.
--Limited charter school growth, with state and local oversight.
--Broad education that fosters learning that gives students an edge in a competitive global economy.
The group opposes:
--Vouchers, tax credits, education savings accounts or other plans that take resources from public schools.
--Too much high-stakes testing.
--Educational strategies that ignore impact of poverty on student success.
Beyer said that the group probably won’t spend much time lobbying the General Assembly in Raleigh. Instead, she said, they’ll focus on keeping citizens informed and active.

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