Oxford asks for water conservation

Dec. 12, 2012 @ 05:15 PM

The Oxford Board of Commissioners Tuesday declared that voluntary conservation conditions exist and encouraged all customers of the City of Oxford’s water system to implement voluntary conservation of water at the request of Kerr Lake Regional Water Authority.

Voluntary conservation is defined as employing measures to limit water use, especially non-essential use.

Items that will help with voluntary conservation are:

-- Using dishwashers only when full.

-- Full loads in washing machines.

-- Take shorter showers.

-- Take shallower baths.

-- Adapt plumbing with flow restricting and water savings devices.

Additional tips are available at the City of Oxford website (oxfordnc.org).

Voluntary conservation can be declared by the Kerr Lake Regional Water Authority when the lake level nears 294 feet or lower. The goal for voluntary reduction is 5 percent  from current levels.

The City of Oxford purchases approximately 1.2 million gallons of water a day from the Kerr Lake Regional Water Authority. A household using 4,500 gallons a month or 150 gallons a day would need to reduce their usage by 7 ½ gallons a day to meet this goal.

The next step in the Water Shortage Response Policy will be when the lake level is near or below 289 feet. The Kerr Lake Regional Water Authority will then call for mandatory conservation with a goal of reducing water usage by a total of 10 percent from current levels.

Anyone with questions may contact Larry Thomas, city engineer, at 919-691-4221.