A survivor needs a home

Dec. 12, 2012 @ 02:21 PM

In July, Remy weighed just less than 17 pounds.

The bulldog/Staffordshire puppy, just 8 or 9 months old, was emaciated, tethered and abandoned outside her home.

“She had been put on a chain and left in the backyard to die,” said Shafonda Davis, the director of Durham’s animal shelter.

Today Remy is a healthy, robust 42 pounds and looking for a new home, while her former owner faces a hefty fine.

Laquita Renee Brown of 1402 Wydlewood Road pled guilty in district court Tuesday to one charge of misdemeanor cruelty to animals, and received a 15-day suspended sentence, one year probation and must pay more than $1,200 in restitution. She is prohibited from owning dogs.

Sheriff’s deputies found Remy at 2811 Owen St. last July 11 after a neighbor called to report the dog had been tethered outside for days in 100-plus degree heat with no food, water or shelter.

“She was in really bad shape,” recalled Dep. Paul Sherwin. “You can see that by how little she weighed. We brought her to the APS.”

At the shelter, “we gave her lots of food, lots of love and good medicine,” said Davis. “When she came to us, she was so starved, a very shy, scared little dog. We fed her many times a day and put her on a socialization and walk schedule. She’s doing really well now.”

Now, fully healthy and happy, Remy needs a home. Anyone interested in adopting her can see Remy’s profile at www.apsofdurham.org/remy or call 919-560-0640 during normal business hours.

Meanwhile, the sheriff’s department’s new Animal Services Division continues to field dozens of calls concerning other mistreated dogs.

The division “is just as busy if not more so than the guys on regular patrol,” Sherwin said. “We’re getting hundreds of calls a month — about illegally tethered dogs and injured animals. There’s a big backlog.”