Former deputy forces primary in sheriff’s race

Feb. 14, 2014 @ 04:17 PM

Durham County Sheriff Mike Andrews will face at least one challenger in the May 6 Democratic primary.

His opponent, Richard Buchanan, filed for candidacy with the Durham County Board of Elections earlier this week.
Buchanan, 66, said Friday that he spent 30 years working for the Sheriff’s Office and retired as a major in April 2012.
“People inside the agency and outside the agency asked me to run,” he said.
Buchanan said he worked for 15 years as accreditation manager.
“I know how agencies run and how they’re supposed to run,” he said. “I know the guidelines to follow, the policies and procedures, dealing with accounting. Basically, everything you need to know.”
He’s working on ideas for initiatives, he said, but at the forefront right now is a plan to start a volunteer citizens program.
“We’ve got a lot of retirees who still want to contribute to the community,” Buchanan said.
They could work the X-ray machine at the courthouse and be the eyes and ears of the Sheriff’s Office, he said. They could help with recruitment and crime prevention.
He also knows some retired investigators who want to work cold cases for the agency.
“They’ve got the time and we don’t have to train them,” Buchanan said. “It’s an untapped resource.”
He described himself as “a no-nonsense kind of guy.”
“I say what I mean and I mean what I say,” he said.

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