Joubert to run against Woodard

Jul. 26, 2014 @ 05:52 PM

Republican Party leaders from Durham, Person and Caswell counties have agreed to make Caswell substitute teacher Herman Joubert their nominee to run this fall against incumbent state Sen. Mike Woodard.

Joubert will replace former nominee Milton Holmes, who beat Joubert in the party’s May primary but was later disqualified on residency grounds.
Durham County Republican Party Chairman Ted Hicks said Joubert’s was the only name placed in nomination when party leaders from the three counties met to decide on a new candidate.
The meeting “was literally five minutes long,” Hicks said. “Obviously it would have been longer if someone else was nominated, but nobody nominated anyone else, so it was a very quick process.”
The disqualification of Holmes occurred at the behest of the Caswell County Board of Election, after Joubert contested the result of the May primary.
Holmes claimed residency in Durham’s Falconbridge neighborhood, part of Senate District 22, the district Woodard has represented since the start of 2013.
But Joubert said the house Holmes listed as his address appeared disused, and that Holmes most likely actually lives in Fayetteville.
Holmes didn’t participate in the Caswell board’s hearings on the matter and opted not to appeal his disqualification.
He emailed The Herald-Sun earlier this month to say he’s “had the same residence for over 30 years” and lived in the Chapel Hill area for nearly 50 years.
But he’s been coping with “some major health issues” and is “seeing about a half-dozen doctors in Fayetteville,” he said.