Manager: Two of bottle culprits turned selves in

Jul. 24, 2014 @ 06:10 PM

Two of the three youths who left a bottle that burst on a Bull City Connector bus earlier this week have turned themselves in to police, City Manager Tom Bonfield says.
Bonfield told the City Council on Thursday the third youth involved “may have been picked up today.”
The Durham Police Department offered no confirmation, spokeswoman Kammie Michael saying that while investigators had identified the suspects, the youths are not in custody and haven’t been charged “at this time.”
“Investigators are consulting the district attorney’s office on charges,” she said.
An on-board video camera on the bus captured the incident. The recording is available on YouTube at
It shows three youths, all male, getting on board and going to the back seats. One quickly pulls the stop-request cord, and they get off. Seconds later, the bottle goes off in a corner, surprising the only other passenger in view.
Police in announcing the incident Tuesday evening termed it the explosion of a “Draino bomb,” which can be improvised from various kitchen ingredients. When mixed in a plastic bottle, they trigger a gas build-up in the container that eventually causes it to burst.
Bonfield played down the incident.
“To call it a bomb or explosive device was probably a pretty substantial … I wouldn’t call it an exaggeration, but that’s not what it was,” he told council members. “There was no damage to the bus and there was no explosion.”