Library offers wintertime fun

Jan. 02, 2014 @ 04:10 PM

It was a short-term cure for winter boredom that let children get creative with arts and crafts.

Children flowed in and out of the Orange County Public Library on Thursday as they spiced up their break from school with holiday-inspired creations.
“As a department we came up with this,” said Debbie Shreve, head of Youth Services for OCPL. “The schools are still out so why not have activities for them to come out and do.”
In the children’s area of the library, on the first floor, two tables welcomed children of all ages to let their imaginations roam as they decorated cutout snowflakes and gingerbread men.
Using cotton balls and string, glue sticks and googly eyes, the children talked to one another as they gave life to the cutouts. Parents and grandparents watched from a distance, only lending assistance if asked.
Myrna Grasty brought her granddaughter, Ava Grasty, to participate in the fun. Ava, 7, was spending the morning with her grandmother and Grasty wanted to be sure she didn’t get bored.
Grasty said that when she read about the event in the library email she knew it would be perfect for her granddaughter, especially since she does arts and crafts with several family members.
“She loves the library,” Grasty said.
OCPL hosted the activity from 10 a.m. to noon on Thursday and again today during the same time. Shreve said that the activities would be different each day so if Thursday’s children came back today they would be in for a surprise.
“It’s a really low-cost activity for us to do. It’s really simple and it’s a pretty easy program to do,” Shreve said. “We’re going to do more programs like this throughout the year.”
Paula Thompson brought her daughter Janiah Thompson and Janiah’s friend Tia Hilber to the library as part of a full day of out-of-school fun.
Thompson said that Hilber’s mom read a flier about the event and they fit it into their day.
“We decided that after the park we’d come here then head to the Muesuem of Life and Science,” Thompson said. “We want to try to enjoy the last few days of the break. I like to keep them occupied. I don’t like for them to be in front of the TV all the time.”
Thompson and Hilber decorated snowflakes and gingerbread girls before sitting down to read “Who Was Rosa Parks?” and a collection of Garfield comics. Thompson reminded the girls that they had to read for at least 20 minutes before they continued with their day.
“You can use it as decoration or as something to hang up on a door,” Janiah said of her gingerbread girl. It was fun because you can use the different crafts and materials.”
The girls agreed that they were not bored at home but they do enjoy a visit to the library.
“I liked that we actually got to create our own,” Tia said of her gingerbread girl.
When asked if she was ready to go back to school, with a smile and lots of energy, Tia nodded yes.