Families pop-up at Ackland

May. 25, 2014 @ 05:47 PM

Have you ever made a pop-up book?

That’s just what some area families did Sunday afternoon during Ackland Art Museum’s monthly Family Day.
Jenny Marvel is the manager of school and community projects for Ackland and said that the monthly event let’s the community into the museum on less formal terms.
“It’s been really nice. We see a lot of familiar faces,” she said. “You’re encouraging creativity whether they’re cutting something out or creating their own … and art making in an art museum allows the children to utilize nearby artwork was inspiration.
“This is a way for us to be a part of the community,” said Marvel. “We’re a museum that anyone can come to, explore and have a great time.”
Family Day is the fourth Sunday of each month except for December. For three hours families can go on an artwork treasure hunt, learn storytelling through drawing or be a part of story time.
“The activities depend on the exhibit,” said Marvel. “It’s how can we connect the activities to the artwork, how can we make it fun and exciting for families.”
There was a steady stream of families coming to make pop-up books with Marvel. She went from table to table demonstrating how to make their stories come to life, then explained how it relates to the art in the museum including sculptures and paintings.
Construction paper, scissors, glue sticks, ribbon, magazines and markers were among the supplies available. As Marvel demonstrated how to make the pop-up pages some of the children said that they had made them before.
Some of the parents just wanted to see how a pop-up book can be made.
Clare Murray and Neepa Choksi shared a table with their daughters Avery, 4, and Asha, 5. Their daughters are friends but both women saw Family Day as a way to enrich a Sunday afternoon.
“My daughter (Avery) enjoyed seeing the art in the museum and this is a nice way to spend an afternoon,” Murray said. “It just gives them the opportunity to be in an environment where they can absorb the things around them.”
Choksi agreed.
“We came before and we really enjoyed it,” she said. “The children really connected the artwork with the hands on activities. It’s a nice way to spend time with your family in a stimulating environment and not just playing outside.”
Connor Bogar, 7, was hard at work on his pop-up book. He said that it was his first time making one but he does enjoy them, and his favorite one is about dinosaurs.
Bogar said that he liked making the book because “you can decorate them all you want” and that his next one will probably be about how the sun goes down.
Sabra Stripe is a friend of Bogar’s family and brought him to the Family Day at Ackland as part of a day of fun.
“We came here just for this (making pop-up books),” she said. “Now that we know how to do it, we’ll do it more often.”
Bogar and Stripe’s day wasn’t over. They had swimming and ice cream on their to-do list.