Veteran sheriff’s canine retires

Jul. 15, 2013 @ 05:21 PM

A life of leisure lies ahead for 8-year-old sheriff’s canine Figo following his retirement July 1. After six years of locating hidden narcotics, running down suspects, and going to work each day with his handler, Cpl. Steve Talley, Figo is still adjusting to his new life as a house dog.
“When he sees me getting ready for work and heading out to my patrol car he starts howling and whining,” Talley said. “He still wants to get in the car and go to work doing what he does best: finding drugs. But the arthritis in his hips makes it difficult and painful for him to perform his duties, so his veterinarian and I decided it was time for him to retire.”
Figo is a Dutch shepherd originally from Holland. In six years on the job, Talley says Figo located more than $500,000 in narcotics, leading to numerous criminal convictions; and assisted with the arrest of countless suspects while working in the Sheriff’s Anti-Crime and Narcotics unit.
When he wasn’t helping deputies investigate crime, Figo was known to conduct his own “search and destroy” missions for shoes. “He didn’t mess with everybody’s shoes,” Talley said. “He would only go after the shoes belonging to one specific narcotics investigator. I have no idea why, but he really loved to chew on his shoes.”
Figo will spend his retirement living with Talley and enjoying the occasional table scrap — a benefit of no longer being held to a strict “working dog diet.”
“Figo was a valuable asset to this office and the community,” Sheriff Mike Andrews said. “He put in many years of challenging narcotics work, and we’re sad to see him go, but I suspect he will quickly realize the perks of retired life.”