Time Warner Cable changing digital channel lineup

Feb. 14, 2014 @ 05:41 PM

Time Warner Cable’s digital TV customers in Durham and Chapel Hill on March 11 will see a different line-up of their digital channels, which now start at channel 100 and above.

The company is changing the lineup to group channels by categories, such as entertainment, news and information, sports, music and programming for children and teenagers.

On Demand programs will be on channels 1000 and above, in categories such as Primetime on Demand, Entertainment on Demand, Kids on Demand and Music on Demand, according to news release.

“Our new, theme-based lineup will make it much simpler and easier for our customers to navigate through the lineup,” said Joe DiMelis, area vice president at Time Warner Cable, in a prepared statement. “And with the new lineup, customers with an HD box will automatically receive the HD feed of the corresponding standard-definition channel, providing the best picture available.”

There will be no change in the basic channel lineup for channels 1 to 99, and no change to channels in which channels are part of a customer’s Time Warner Cable TV package.
“Meaning - when the new theme-based lineup goes into effect, whatever channels you currently are receiving, you will continue to receive those channels,” said Scott Pryzwansky, a spokesman for Time Warner Cable, in an email. “The channel number may change, but you will still receive the same TV package of services as before.”

For information, go to the website twc.com/mychannels.