Chapel Hill PD target of vandalism

Aug. 18, 2014 @ 03:43 PM

A group of anarchists has claimed responsibility for damage to Chapel Hill police cars that took place early Thursday.

On the blog, a group who referenced themselves as "some anarchists" said police cruisers were damaged in solidarity with Luke O’Donovan of Atlanta, who was sentenced to two years in prison after he defended himself against attackers. The damage also was done in solidarity with the “rioters and looters” in Ferguson, Missouri, which has recently become the site of national news after a police officer shot and killed Mike Brown, an unarmed teenager.

“In the early hours of August 14th, three police cruisers were smashed out at the Chapel Hill Police Department Headquarters in Chapel Hill, NC. A message was also painted on one of the cars, reading, ‘For Luke,’” the blog post states.
The post said it hoped the damage “brings a smile to (Luke’s) face.”
The Chapel Hill Police Department could not be reached for comment Friday afternoon.

Correction: This item was corrected Aug. 18. It originally incorrectly referenced Internationalists Books & Community Center as the blog source.