Black bear seen in Carrboro

Jun. 28, 2013 @ 07:09 PM

Carrboro police received two reports of a bear in residential areas around Carrboro Elementary School on Wednesday.

People reported seeing the bear near Pine and Oak streets north of the school and in the area of Oak and East Poplar avenues, south of the school. The area is just a few blocks north of downtown Carrboro.

On Thursday, someone reported seeing a bear in the area of Smith Level Road near BPW Road, which is about two miles south of the area the Wednesday bear spotting.

Carrboro police did not receive any reports of the bear on Friday.

See a bear? Leave it alone.

"In general bears will leave a populated area if left alone," stated a news release from the Carrboro Police Department.

The North Carolina Wildlife Commission advises people to keep their distance from bears.

"Do not feed the bear or leave food sources outside your home that may attract the bear," the commission's website states.

If a bear climbs a tree, leave the area and the bear will come down and leave when it no longer feels threatened.

Nearly every year, people in the central Piedmont area of North Carolina report seeing bears, sometimes in residential areas. Generally, the bears are moving through the area and won't stay around too long.

Meanwhile, some people in the Carrboro area seem to enjoy the idea of a bear in their midst. Someone opened a Twitter account called Carrboro Bear, and people have been joking on Twitter about whether the bear might stop by the Carrboro Farmer's Market or Weaver Street Market to buy honey.