Want a shelter cat? The price is right

Jun. 05, 2014 @ 11:33 AM

If you’re in the market for a cat or kitten, the time is right.

This month, the Durham County Animal Shelter is letting those who want to adopt a feline name their own price – even if it’s a cent.
They’ll get a cat that’s been spayed or neutered and vaccinated, a microchip and a month of free pet insurance.
The shelter is running the special because it’s in emergency mode. Thursday morning, it had 125 cats and kittens, with five more coming through the door.
That’s up from 30 during the winter, and is straining the shelter’s resources.
“We’ve never done this special before,” Stephanie Kirby, the shelter’s volunteer coordinator, said. “If people give us more than the value of services ($400), that will balance out our investment. But they can also pay a penny.”
Kirby said the shelter needs to find homes for its felines as fast as possible.
“Kittens start pouring in every summer,” she said. “They breed in the spring and give birth usually twice in the summer.”
The first step is to visit the shelter at 2117 E. Club Blvd. and a counselor will walk a prospective adopter through the process.
“Come on down,” Kirby said. “From senior cats to kittens, they’re all adorable.”


For information and shelter hours, visit http://www.apsofdurham.org/pickyourprice/ or call Stephanie Kirby at 919-560-0640, ext. 221.