Durham residents say: ‘Bring on the sun’

Mar. 07, 2014 @ 05:14 PM

Customers at Bullock’s Bar-B-Cue endured foul weather Friday for some of their favorite food, but they knew that sunny days will be served up starting this weekend.

In stark contrast to Friday’s cold, hard rain, forecasters call for sunny skies and temperatures in the 60s at least through Tuesday.

That works out perfectly for Elizabeth Lunn, who has a big family reunion planned for today.  About 25 relatives are coming in from Texas and other parts of North Carolina.

“We picked the perfect weekend,” Lunn said. “We’re planning to have all the kids play outside.”

Lunn had picked up her son, 10-year-old Samuel Lunn, from Just Right Academy after the private Durham school closed early Friday after it lost power and water.

“When I saw the sunny forecast, I was so excited,” she said. “This winter has been awful, and it just keeps going and going and going. We only had one nice snowfall when kids could go outside and play. Otherwise, it’s been a mess.”

Samuel agreed.

“I actually want the sun to come out,” he said as Friday’s rain pelted cars. “I really don’t like the rain. We’ve had so much ice and snow that I’m pretty tired of it.”

Mike Hill, decked out in Duke Blue Devil attire, stood at Bullock’s takeout window for lunch after losing power at his home near Northern High School about 5 a.m. Friday.

“This weather is amazing to me,” he said. “One day it’s 70 degrees, and the next day we’ve got ice.”

Hill said he has gas logs and a generator, “so we’ll make it.”

“But I’m ready for the nice weather,” he said. “I’ve been ready. I’m a summertime person.”

Bicyclist Carol Ross hasn’t been able to ride the new bike she got for her birthday because of the nasty weather, but she expects that to change this weekend.

“I do love the warm weather, and I’m looking forward to getting my bike back on the streets,” she said.

Larry Johnson of Plano, Texas, was in town to watch his son play baseball for the University of Pittsburgh against UNC. Friday’s game was washed out, but games are set for today through Monday.

Johnson said Plano residents have endured weather similar to Durham’s.

“We’ve had 32 degrees one day and 76 the next,” he said.

The soggy ground has been hard on Chris McGhee, who does grading work and has lost business.

“It’s no fun,” he said. “You can’t do it in the mud. But when the ground dries out, we’ll be ready to go.”

For Dennis Boyles, the change in weather is all part of a divine plan.

“Scripture says there will always be hot and cold, a time for planting and a time for harvest,” he said. “And so I know that as long as God is in control, we’re in capable hands.”