Witness: Man shot 83-year-old grandfather during carjacking

Apr. 23, 2014 @ 01:27 PM

A witness told a Durham County Superior Court jury Wednesday he saw a man shoot an 83-year-old grandfather twice during a carjacking in 2010.
Pete Tatum was testifying in the murder trial of Robert Earl Wilkerson, 30, in the death of George Junior Pratt, who was shot on his birthday.
Pratt was wounded in the leg on Franklin Street near downtown and died two months later.
Tatum said he was asleep April 7, 2010, when his girlfriend woke him up, screaming: "They're going to kill him!"
He jumped out of bed, ran outside and saw two men in a car that had pulled up near Pratt's 1994 Plymouth Acclaim in the 1100 block of Franklin Street
The man in the passenger side got out and told Pratt: "I finally got your old [expletive]." He said the gunman shot Pratt twice, then pulled him out of the car by his shirt and threw him to the ground. He said the shooter drove off in Pratt's car as his accomplice drove away in the opposite direction.
"You'll be alright," Tatum told Pratt as he waited for an ambulance to arrive.
Tatum's girlfriend, Gale McNeill, testified she was outside her home on Franklin Street when she waved to Pratt as he drove up to a neighbor's house to take her to work that day about 11 a.m. She saw another car slow down, and a man jumped out and said: "I've got you now!"
She said she heard two shots, ran inside and told Tatum: "They've done shot him!"
McNeill said she tried to call 911 was too upset to make the call at first. She said she stayed in her house for two days before coming out, and never saw Pratt again.
Police testified that Pratt was on the ground, bleeding from his left leg when they arrived. He died June 7.
Two others are charged in the slaying: Leryan Ishmael Scarlett, 30, with murder and robbery with a dangerous weapon; and Sharell Roberson, 28, with felony accessory after the fact and filing a false police report. They will be tried separately.
Wilkerson and Scarlett have served prison sentences for armed robbery and assault.
Less than four months after his release from prison, Scarlett was arrested in a sting targeting drug sales. He was convicted of possession of drugs and drug paraphernalia in January 2009 and placed on probation.
Pratt's family members say they can't understand why he was shot.