Orange County reports 18th rabies case for 2014

Aug. 07, 2014 @ 12:44 PM

Orange County Animal Services has received its 18th positive rabies test result of the year, according to the North Carolina State Laboratory of Public Health. 

The county recorded 12 total positive cases last year and also in 2012. 

The most recent incident this year involved a fox. On Tuesday, a Chapel Hill family heard their dog yelp. They went outside and found their dog with a fox attached to its front paw. The dog tried to shake free from the fox with no success.  The dog’s owners used a shovel and knife to kill the fox and free their dog. The dog nipped one of the owners in the process.  

Earlier in the day, residents in the same area had reported a fox killing a raccoon and injuring a cat. Officials believe it was the same fox involved in those incidents. Animal Control is actively trying to trap the cat at this time.

The dog involved was currently vaccinated against rabies and will receive a booster shot pursuant to North Carolina’s rabies laws.