Sep. 30, 2013 @ 10:49 PM

Jordan played keep-away against Northern and got a 4-1 PAC-6 win Monday night.

It was the same-old same-old from Jordan.

“What they do really well is they win the ball early,” Northern coach Mike Tetreault said. “And they don’t just win it, they direct it. They have a definite area of where they’re attacking, and they’re very disciplined in how they do that. They’re not going to settle.”

Roughly five minutes into the game, Jordan midfielder Ruben Garcia-Gomez put the ball in back of the net all by himself before later using an assist from Huntley Munn to squirt the ball past Northern goalie Francisco Guerrero.

With about five minutes left in the first half, Garcia-Gomez set up forward Kaushik Puranam for a score that had the Falcons perched comfortably in their locker room on a 3-0 cushion.

“We knew coming in they were tough down the center, and we tried to use our outside backs and our wings to really attack down the sidelines and create space in behind the defense,” Jordan coach Don Jones said.

In the second half, Jordan’s Henry Hannapel, assisted by Munn, made it a 4-0 game.

Northern’s Justin Shoe delivered a ball to Jack Ryan for the Knights’ only goal.

“We thought we were going to have a better performance,” Tetreault said. “It was a little disappointing, the way we started. We looked kind of dazed and kind of shell-shocked a little bit.”

The Knights had been pumped about playing the Falcons — maybe a little too pumped, Tetreault said.

Northern last week beat East Chapel Hill for the first time in years, and the Knights’ non-conference schedule appeared to have them primed for the PAC-6, particularly Jordan.

“They’re the leaders in the conference for 20 years,” Tetreault said about the Falcons. “And if you want to win the league, you’ve got to go through them.”

Tetreault said the Knights practiced well on Friday but likely allowed their adrenaline to work against them both over the weekend and during the school day on Monday.

“We burned ourselves out in the lead-up to it,” Tetreault said. “Watching the opening, we just looked a little slow. We looked a little sluggish. It looked like we couldn’t get our legs going.”

The Knights knew what the Falcons were going to do but still couldn’t stop it, Tetreault said.

“Jordan, they’re built to do that,” Tetreault said. “They’ve got the style. They’ve got the players. They’ve got the mentality that they’re going to move it and they’re going to have it, and there’s not a lot you can do about it.”

Northern just didn’t have enough guys with bodies equipped to match Jordan’s physicality, Tetreault said.

“They’ve got a bunch of real long, lean, fast kids,” Tetreault said.

But it’s not like the Falcons beat a pushover, Jones said.

“We had the luxury of knowing that Northern is a team that can play. They’ve had some great results this year and are playing some good soccer,” Jones said.

It seems like Jordan plays good soccer all of the time, and other teams know it, making the Falcons the hunted.

“It’s a good kind of pressure to have,” Jones said.

ECH has made some noise in recent years. Jones said it’s time for a big statement from Jordan.

“We have a little chip on our shoulder this year, and we have to earn some respect back,” Jones said. “We know that when teams play us, they’re going to be ready to play.”



Jordan |3 |1 — 4

Northern |0 |1 — 1

Goals — Jordan, Ruben Garcia-Gomez 2, Kaushik Puranam, Henry Hannapel. Northern, Jack Ryan.

Assists — Jordan, Huntley Munn 2, Ruben Garcia-Gomez; Northern, Justin Shoe.

Shots — Jordan 17, Northern 7. Corner kicks — Jordan 6, Northern 2. Saves — Jordan 3 (Billy Morgenlander 2, Alex Krupa); Northern 7 (Francisco Guerrero 5, Dillon Leovic 2).

Records— Jordan 9-2-2, 3-0 PAC-6 4-A; Northern 4-6-1, 2-1 PAC-6.