Witness tells 911 about two suspects in teen shootings

Dec. 05, 2013 @ 10:42 AM

Two suspects in black hoodies and blue jeans fled the scene of a shooting on Grace Lane Tuesday, a caller told a 911 operator.

Recordings released by the Durham City/County emergency communications department on Wednesday shed a little more light on the chaos minutes after two boys, 14 and 16, were shot and seriously injured at a vacant house.

“There’s two people on the ground,” the female caller said in one recording. She said that she had “just heard the shots,” but couldn’t say how many shots were fired.

Both the shooters and the victims were on foot, she said. The shooters, she added, “went straight down towards Liberty Street way.”

When pressed for additional information, the caller said, “I don’t know anything else. That’s it. I’m off the phone, ma’am.”

Another woman, apparently in her car and trying to get to work, called to report the shooting near the corner of Liberty and Elizabeth. She could be heard telling someone to “lay down, baby, lay down.”

She told the operator that she hadn’t seen the suspects and didn’t know where they went. As police and paramedics arrived, she found her car blocked in.

“I’ve got to call my job,” she said. “I’m late for work.”

She wasn’t sure how many shots were fired, either, she told the operator.

“I don’t know none of that,” she said.

She then told the operator that she had to take a photograph of the scene so she could show it to her boss and explain her tardiness.

No arrests had been made in that case late Wednesday. The wounded teens remained in serious condition, said Kammie Michael, police spokeswoman.

The emergency communications department also released recordings from Monday night’s fatal shooting on Fidelity Drive, which killed Patrick Danial Holmes, 24.

A caller in that incident said that she heard those shots, but didn’t see much else.

“A boy ran by and said somebody got shot,” she told the operator. “’He’s dead. He’s dead. He’s dead.’”

No arrests had been made in that case, either.

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