Fire station getting facelift

Jul. 29, 2014 @ 09:14 AM

Residents of the Hope Valley community and neighbors near Fire Station 6 will notice repairs being made to the building this summer.

The station, at 3700 Swarthmore Road, is undergoing upgrades that will replace its front apron and bay floor to help preserve the building’s foundation.
According to Durham Fire Department Chief Daniel M. Curia, minor operational changes and transfers will be made during the two-month repair process to maintain appropriate emergency coverage and to meet truck care needs.
“We’re temporarily exchanging Fire Station 6’s trucks for neighboring stations’ smaller trucks," he said. "This provides space needed to complete the renovations and ensures that the trucks will still have the climate-controlled housing required. Ultimately, these changes allow us to continue our focus on maintaining the level of speed and quality of care residents are accustomed to us delivering.”
According to Curia, water has seeped underneath the concrete apron and the cracked concrete rocks and exerts more pressure to the foundation each time it is driven on, which causes the foundation to absorb extra stress.
Repairs to the station will include renovations to the front apron concrete and bay floor which houses the fire trucks, new concrete pad, interior repairs, and installation of an air conditioner to the basement to bring it up to acceptable living standards.
For information, contact Public Information Officer Sierra Mckoy with the Durham Fire Department at 919-560-4233 ext. 19242 or by email at