Sledding fun at Food Truck Rodeo

Jan. 27, 2014 @ 12:47 PM

Hundreds of people came out to enjoy warmer temperatures, live music, and a snowy hill for sledding at the Food Truck Rodeo on Sunday afternoon.

Despite temperatures close to 50 degrees, people of all ages were able to enjoy a snow-covered hill on the lawn across from Durham Central Park, thanks to Durham Parks and Recreation.
Complete with what looked and felt like real snow, the hill was the big attraction, but people also enjoyed the more than 40 food trucks on-site serving up hot food. The Food Truck Rodeo also had live music and plenty of open area for lawn chairs, blankets and pets to enjoy the day outdoors.
Jesse Turner slid down the cold hill on a plastic sled with his 5-and-a-half-year-old son Finn in his arms. Turner said that he didn’t make it out last year but when his family came back with rave reviews he had to attend this year.
“They came out last year and the kids had a really good time” he said. “Plus the food trucks are a draw for the adults.”
Originally from the mountains, Turner said that the short trip took him down memory lane.
“I used to do really dangerous, fun sledding when I was a kid,” he said.
For quite a few of those riding down the hill, there was more ride than snow or more snow than ride as they fell off the sled and rolled to the side or kept sliding past the end of the snow.
The line for sledding ran parallel to the hill and down to the sidewalk below. There was an additional area covered in snow for wintery fun and sled-less frolicking.
Monster and dinosaur hats, mittens and scarves galore filled the play area as snowballs and fun flew from one side to the other.
Beth Sheppard was on hand with her two daughters, Frankie, 4, and Nora, 2, who had already slid down the hill and were on to the play area.
“We came when it was in CCB Plaza and it was really fun,” she said. “We came out just to support the event and they’ve been trying to see snow, even if it is manufactured.”
After receiving an email from DPR, Quincy Jones came out for sledding with her 2-year-old daughter Sydney and her two sons, Lucas, 5, and Joshua, 10.
“I brought them really for the sledding,” she said. “[Sydney’s] had a blast. We went down sledding a couple of times.”
Almost inviting more people to get in line for the snowy ride was Madison and Joe Griffin. After riding down the hill the two openly expressed their joy.
“I feel alive,” Madison, 12, said to their mother Dana.
“I went really, really fast,” said 7-year-old Joe to their father, Melvin.
Regrouping for the rest of the rodeo, their father, Melvin Griffin, said that “we never miss the food truck rodeo here in Durham, especially this one because of the snow hill.”
“We enjoy trying the different foods,” said Dana Griffin. “It’s not like a restaurant. The kids are free to play, we bring our chairs and listen to the music and the weather today is just perfect.”