Durham Tech unveils new logo

Aug. 18, 2014 @ 11:25 AM

Durham Tech has adopted a new logo as part of an overarching branding campaign.
The new logo combines a stylized “D” and “T,” representing the college’s abbreviated name.
A refreshed green and orange has been added to acknowledge the college’s Orange County presence, most prominently its Orange County Campus in Hillsborough.
Durham Tech has also released a short promotional video that further extends the branding work.
Durham Tech worked with Engine Brandmakers of Durham for more than a year to refine the college’s identity and craft a brand that conveyed it to a broad constituency.
Officials said the college wanted something that was “aspirational,” yet simple so that it would work well in a variety of formats and across all media platforms.
Carver Weaver, director of marketing and communications at Durham Tech, said the new logo reflects the energy and the many exciting avenues the college offers students, business partners and community agencies in Durham and Orange counties.
“To us, the logo captures the variety of pathways students take to get to Durham Tech and the abundance of options they have in finding success,” Weaver said.
Domenick Rella, partner and creative director of Engine, said the company wanted to design something that was contemporary, yet still timeless.”
“We intentionally used a midcentury font like Helvetica to convey that,” Rella said. “We kept in mind that the City of Durham and Durham County have experienced an amazing renaissance in recent years. It was only natural to pinpoint Durham Tech as a vital part of that resurgence.”
Rod Brown, partner and president of Engine, added, “Durham Tech has long been a local source of talented and highly trained workers — so the emphasis on re-localization that has made Durham so special was completely in line with what Durham Tech offers. To a longtime Durham business like us, Durham Tech is one of the crown jewels. We’re thrilled to be part of its rebranding effort.”
Weaver said the college is excited about the logo and what it represents.
“For more than 50 years, Durham Tech has prepared the citizens of Durham and Orange counties to do great things,” Weaver said. “We are excited to have a brand that encourages the next generation of learners to follow that same path.”