Sheriff’s deputy makes special delivery

May. 01, 2013 @ 04:39 PM

Sgt. David LaBarre, a deputy with the Durham County Sheriff’s Office, made a special delivery recently that took him well beyond the call of duty.

He helped deliver a baby.

The drama started on April 20 while he was driving on the Durham Freeway and saw a BMW with its flashers on, moving fast. He thought perhaps the man and woman inside had a medical emergency and were on their way to the Duke ER.

“And as I pulled up, this big guy rolled down his window and said: ‘My wife is having a baby!’ ”

LaBarre began to escort them to Duke, all the time thinking: “Don’t have this baby on the side of the road!”

“As soon as we got there, he got out and ran toward me and said: ‘She’s having it right now!’ And he’s running toward me for help.”

LaBarre told the man to run inside the emergency room and get help. Meanwhile, the baby had his own plans.

“I went around to tend to his wife, and as I knelt down beside her, the baby’s head was already starting to come out,” LaBarre said. “I didn’t have a chance to put a glove on or anything. I just knelt down there and started to hold the head up, and the baby started to come out.”

LaBarre, trying to comfort the mother, told her that the baby boy looked good and said: “You’re doing a great job. When you’re ready to push again, we’re going to have this baby.”

By that time, with the baby partly out, medical help arrived and took over.

“And it was just at the right time,” LaBarre said. “Right as they were coming out, there was one more push, and the baby was coming out. The staff was able to take over and successfully deliver the baby.”

Ironically, LaBarre and his wife recently took child birthing classes, preparing for their own baby’s arrival in July.

“The timing was just crazy,” LaBarre said. “I’m glad I was paying attention in class.”

LaBarre said the newborn’s father, Kwavina Williams, and his wife are originally from Ghana, and apparently are doing well. They could not be reached for comment.

Durham County Sheriff Mike Andrews praised LaBarre’s quick thinking.

“Thankfully, Sgt. LaBarre was in the right place at the right time to help,” Andrews said. “I am very proud of Sgt. LaBarre and the actions that he took to get the family safely to the hospital and his assistance with the delivery of their newborn child. Some days we need to stop and thank the Lord for our blessings – and Saturday, April 20, is one of those days.”