PLC graduates celebrate finding their paths

Jun. 10, 2014 @ 05:44 PM

Twenty-eight students graduated from the Performance Learning Center on Tuesday morning. Gathered at a classroom-turned-reception-area in the Holton Career and Resource Center, they had time to gather their thoughts on what they had just accomplished.

Genessa Rogers was grateful to the faculty at the PLC calling her time there “the best choice I could have ever made.” She, like many others in her class, are set on pursuing a college degree. She plans to attend Shaw University this fall, where she is setting her sights on studying business and marketing.
The Performance Learning Center isn't the traditional high school experience. Many students who attend sought a smaller school with more concentrated faculty attention.
Solomon Powell was one of those students. “[Traditional] public school just wasn't working for me,” he said. He said he felt ignored and lost. PLC made a difference for the graduating senior. Already fairly fluent in java script, he plans on enrolling in the Wake Technical Community College computer program.
The overarching theme of Tuesday’s graduation is that you should never give up. Many of the graduates talked about having uphill battles. Several had initially dropped out of other schools, but found the courage to return when they learned about PLC. Many drew on inspiration from their parents and other loved ones. Some of the graduates also signed up and then graduated entirely on their own.
As part of the commencement ceremonies, the soon-to-be-graduates recited the school’s mantra, just as they had daily at school:
“We believe that knowledge and success stem from a quality, personal education, the courage to face our fears, our failures, and our past and move beyond them, the ability to see a new path when the one we’re traveling compromises who we are and how we see ourselves, and a resilience that finds us firmly on our feet when we stumble along the way.
“We believe that anything worth having should be difficult to get.
“We believe that our experiences do not dictate who we are or who we will become.
“We believe that it is our right to strive for the greatness we know we can achieve.”
Once the graduates were officiated and tassels were turned, there was no grand hat throwing scene. Nor were there any tearful goodbyes. Instead, there were conversations filled with hope about what comes next.