Durham GOP backs bail reform

Mar. 06, 2013 @ 06:48 PM

The Durham County Republican Party has endorsed the proposal by the Durham City Council to ask judges to consider additional factors before granting bail in gun crimes where the defendant is already on bail for a gun crime or was convicted of a gun crime within the last five years, the party said in a news release Wednesday.

“This common sense proposal, already endorsed by the Durham Crime Cabinet, targets those committing a crime with a gun and improves public safety,” the release said. “This contrasts with ideological proposals - such as banning guns based on their appearance - which criminalize now legal gun activities, infringing on our Second Amendment rights, while doing zero to improve public safety.”

The party’s recent county convention also endorsed a resolution reaffirming “GOP support for our Second Amendment rights against political attacks by gun control activists.”

Theodore Hicks, reelected as Durham GOP chair at the convention, said in the release that "the GOP supports our Bill of Rights, including the Second Amendment.  At the same time, the local bail proposal is the smart way to reduce gun violence by targeting criminals, instead of criminalizing constitutionally protected rights of Durham citizens and families."