Bus tours filling up for inauguration

Jan. 14, 2013 @ 06:17 PM

The buses are just about filled and ready to roll to Washington, D.C., for the inauguration of President Barack Obama Jan. 21.

Joe Alston of USA Luxury Tours is taking seven coaches to Washington, D.C., for a one- day trip to the inauguration.

“We’ve got seven full motor coaches and 50-some people are on a waiting list,” he said.

Alston’s one-day trips cost $75 a person.

He might have a few seats available if he can find another luxury coach to take to Washington.

Meanwhile, Phyllis Coley of Spectacular Magazine is organizing a three-day trip at a cost of $255 a person, with four people to a hotel room. Her group has four coaches with just a few seats still available.

“We can take a few more people,” she said. “We have a few seats on the bus that is going to leave from Lakewood Shopping Center [in Durham] and a few on the bus that is leaving from Sheraton Imperial [near RDU].”

The three-day tours include the inauguration as well as tours of museums, memorials and a zoo in Washington, plus two nights in a hotel.

Coley said she didn’t have as many people taking the trip this year as in 2009, while Alston said he has many more people taking the one-day trip than in 2009.

In 2009, Alston took only two coaches to Washington, and he believes the increase in people taking the one-day trip is because of the economy.

“We have folks from all over the state coming,” he said. “We have people from Georgia. A lot of people are carrying children with them.”

People are eager to see Obama’s inauguration, he said.

“They’re just excited that he’s in for another four years,” Alston said. “They just want to be there. They want to be part of history.”

For information about the three-day trip, call Coley at 919-680-0465, or go to:  http://www.king-raleigh.org/natlevent/detail.cfm?EVENT_ID=6592.

For information about the one-day trip, call Alston at 919-490-3166 or go to: http://www.usaluxurytours.com/Obama_flyer.pdf.