Man fatally shot by NCCU officers identified

Sep. 25, 2013 @ 09:42 PM

The N.C. Central University Police Department has idenfitied the man fatally shot by officers late Monday night on NCCU campus as Tracy Daquan Bost of Charlotte.

Bost, 22, wasn’t a student at the university. He had been on parole since the beginning of May. Bost’s record, which dates back to January 2008 with an assault offense, includes multiple counts of larceny of firearms, resisting an officer and reckless driving, felony breaking and entering, and forgery.
NCCU police fatally shot Bost in a wooded area near the School of Education, NCCU Police Chief Timothy Bellamy said.
He said Durham police were searching for the suspect in connection with a residential break-in that occurred off campus, in which weapons and other property were stolen, and an armed robbery downtown that both occurred earlier Monday.
Three NCCU officers and Bost, who police say was carrying a shotgun, exchanged fire twice. The second exchange killed Bost.
The university recently released its annual crime report, which showed a decline in the most frequent crimes on or around campus, larceny and burglary.
There were 37 burglaries reported to NCCU police in 2012, compared to 32 in 2011. There were 168 reported larcenies last year, compared to 190 the year before.
Also in 2012, there was one reported forcible rape, as well as three robberies, three aggravated assaults and five motor vehicle thefts. There were two reports of arson.
NCCU police made 61 drug-related arrests in 2012, compared to only 11 in 2011. Police also made 10 alcohol-related arrests and four weapon-related arrests last year.
In the areas surrounding NCCU campus, there were 192 burglaries reported by the Durham Police Department in 2012, compared to 272 in 2011. Last year, there were also 270 larcenies, 95 aggravated assaults and 57 robberies reported by Durham police.