Parkwood celebrates Christmas

Dec. 15, 2013 @ 08:59 PM

Santa, bands, dancers and candy were just some of the standouts of the Parkwood Community Christmas parade Sunday afternoon.

Despite a late start and cool temperatures, parade-goers lined the route to cheer on their family and friends as they heralded the Christmas season.

Community members brought out their lawn chairs and blankets, not to mention children armed with bags to collect candy.

Amanda Pulliam and her daughter Olivia were at their second Parkwood parade. Taking a seat on the curb, the pair had some highlights from last year to look forward to.

“I liked the old cars, my kids like the candy,” Pulliam said. “This year we’re looking forward to my son. He’s marching as a Cub Scout.”

Luckily, Pulliam’s friends told her about the parade last year because her daughter Olvia enjoys it and thinks it’s awesome.

Many children played and rode their bikes on the route as they waited for the parade to make it to them. 

Following the delay, many adults were more excited than the children and they shouted with glee at the sight of the Durham County Sheriff’s deputies on their motorcycles marking the start of the holiday processional.

Among the parade participants were several school bands and groups of dancers, boy and girl scouts, classic cars, Wool E. Bull, elementary schools and a walking bag of Skittles, a walking and waving Christmas tree and a human- sized beaver tossing candy into the crowd.

Sue and Lee Castle brought their grandchildren Dare and Zale to the parade because their parents couldn’t bring them. As Dare and Zale played with one another and ran up and down a hill behind their grandparents, the couple said that they were more than happy to bring their grandchildren to the annual event.

“It’s fun,” she said. “Parades are fun.”

“We were debating it, not coming,” Lee said. “If it were colder, we wouldn’t have come out.”

The couple has lived in Parkwood for 45 years, “so we’ve done a few parades,” Lee said with a smile.

Zale and Dare awaited Santa, with both of their Christmas lists on their way to Saint Nick. Zale said he wants Legos, while his sister wants a gummy maker.

The McFarlin family came out for the festivities as well. Ayrica with her husband and three children have lived in Parkwood for nine years and have only missed about two parades. 

Ayrica McFarlin said she enjoys the parade because it’s “a way to support the community.”

“The kids get to see their classmates,” she said. “They see their friends.”