BUBBA BUSTED: Goat’s damaging antics end life on the lam

Dec. 10, 2013 @ 04:17 PM

For months, authorities seemed content to let Bubba be Bubba.

First seen in August near Penrith and Odyssey drives, the goat eventually moved on to a vacant house off Cornwallis Road near Fayetteville Street. Then Bubba spent time at the GlaxoSmithKline campus in Research Triangle Park.
Bubba didn’t seem to bother anyone.
But the goat posed a problem after settling in the 2000 block of Glover Road, attacking a woman’s Nissan Maxima because it apparently felt threatened by its own reflection. The car sustained $5,000 in damage.
“He was hanging out, wandering a real specific area around this particular house and caused damage to property,” said Durham County Sheriff’s Dep. Paul Sherwin, public information officer. “That was kind of the line in the sand. We needed a new game plan.”
On Tuesday, deputies nabbed Bubba using a custom enclosure made from metal corral fences, with apples and sweet feed as bait. They showed off the fluffy fugitive in the back of a horse trailer at Durham County Animal Services on Glenn Road, but refused to open the doors for a closer look due to the flight risk.
Next stop: A farm in an undisclosed location, where Bubba will spend at least 50 days while county officials wait and see whether anyone steps forward to claim the goat. That’s considered unlikely, deputies say, because anyone who claims Bubba may be liable to pay for the damage caused by the animal.
After 50 days, Bubba goes up for auction on a date to be announced.
That’s if the goat doesn’t manage to escape again.
Sherwin said that deputies will reassemble the makeshift cage on the temporary farm site. “We anticipate that will do the trick,” he said. “It’s got a roof. We will make sure it’s as secure as we can.”

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