Get your summer memory bobbleheads

Jun. 05, 2013 @ 04:37 PM

Summer calendar planning is fun.

I have one of those big desktop calendars I write all my story assignments and deadlines on, in pen.

In pencil, I make notes of things I come across that would be fun to do off the clock. If you read our Entertainment section this past Friday, you saw the bevy of free outdoor music and movies showing throughout the hot months. The best ones are on weekends, not weeknights, because not everyone works and lives right next to venues. Just saying.

There’s the Durham Bulls calendar to check, too, for urban minor league ball, and the Carolina Mudcats, too, for the rural team experience out in Zebulon.

The best part is getting to say “Zebulon.”

This summer, the Mudcats will play the Salem, Va., Red Sox, which were the Salem Avalanche when I lived up in southwestern Virginia and spent some pleasant summer nights in the stands.

Why, on my desk right now I have a dried out pen shaped like a bat, a staple of any baseball gift store. But the best souvenir from the Avalanche is my Mugsy bobblehead. Mugsy was a Saint Bernard, you know, with the mugs of hot cocoa to bring during avalanches.

I’ll try not to let this become another I-love-mascots column, but since today is Wool E. Bull’s birthday, let’s give a hearty happy birthday to Wool E., who will be joined by his mascot buddies at tonight’s Bulls game.

I should dig Mugsy out from a box of stuff from my last workplace, nearly eight years ago now, where he lies bobble-dormant next to a Continuous Improvement manual.

It occurs to me that I may have told you this story before, which means I am turning into Grandpa Simpson (“I wore an onion on my belt, which was the style at the time.”) Another great word is “memorabilia,” because it’s a nicer way of saying a bunch of random stuff that nobody probably wants but you and others who were there, too. Memorabilia are physical reminders of our memories. I’m less inclined to want the acquisition of memorabilia as I’ve gotten older, thinking instead that I’ll just file experiences away in my mind to think about after I retire. Only 30 years to go.

Maybe I should get a Wool E. Bull bobblehead after all.


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