Update on couple who met on the bus

Dec. 28, 2013 @ 03:58 PM

Romania and Quincey Myers are a couple I got to know a few years ago when Triangle Transit contacted me about a unique love story.

Romania and Quincey met on a Durham Area Transit Authority bus the summer of 2010. The No. 4 DATA bus, to be exact, from downtown to Northern Durham. It was one leg of Romania’s three-route journey home from the salon at the Brier Creek Walmart, where she worked. But this commute changed her life, when a young man with dreadlocks caught her eye and they exchanged pleasantries. Then she seized the day, cautiously reaching out again on the same route. Quincey was on his way home, too. They ended up getting off the bus together and hung out for a little while, a moment that changed their lives forever.

A real life Brady Bunch, Romania and Quincey both already had children (she, four; he, two), and some of the children participated in their parents’ wedding ceremony the summer of 2011. I was there, too, and wrote a story with the headline ‘A Moving Love Story.’ I also mentioned them in my essay in the book “27 Views of Durham: The Bull City in Prose and Poetry” by Eno Publishers. So perhaps you feel like you’ve met them, too.

Romania was a beautiful bride, and Quincey a handsome groom, and they are still shining, especially now that Quincey has a badge.

Today I bring you an update on this lovely couple. They’re still happily married, and Quincey has just achieved a professional milestone. About a week ago, he officially became an Alamance County sheriff’s deputy. I talked with Romania earlier this month and she said they are “still going strong” and now living in Burlington.

Their oldest child is a student at UNC Greensboro, and the 17-year-old is bound for college next year. Their 14-year-old is into DJ-ing and fashion, and their 12-year-old likes science and books. Their 9-year-old likes art, and their 5-year-old is into trains and trucks.

Life is looking pretty optimistic for the Myers family in 2014.

People whose luck in love doesn’t work out the first time or two can find it again. New beginnings can be sparked on something as mundane as a bus ride. Romania and Quincey Myers come back to Durham on their anniversary and ride the bus to celebrate. Quincey’s own parents met on a train, so you never know how your travels can change your path.

May your 2014 be a sparkly one of new life, new beginnings and fortuitous or intentional journeys.


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