Looking ahead to a new beginning

Jul. 04, 2014 @ 05:43 PM

Once, twice, three times – Father Stavroforos Mamaies dipped John Michael into the shiny silver font at St. Barbara Greek Orthodox Church before a sanctuary full of family and friends.
It’s fitting that we just baptized our son, symbolic as that is of new life and new beginnings.
Next week, I start a new adventure. And this, sadly, is my last column for The Herald-Sun.
It’s not for lack of love for the journalism trade. I’ve worn enough hats during the past two years here that I could open a haberdashery, and I enjoyed them all.
I’ve walked the halls of Durham Public Schools. Waited in downtown Durham while a bomb-sniffing robot hunted for explosives at the Mutual Life building. Attended a wayward goat auction.
I’ve been a K-12 education reporter, opinion page editor, news editor, police reporter and higher-education reporter. From time to time, I dared amateur photography. I’ve worked on the newspaper website and social media channels.
I pride myself on being the journalistic equivalent of a Swiss Army knife and appreciate the opportunities I’ve had at The Herald-Sun.
Never, ever a dull moment.
Always, I savored the daily miracle of seeing our newspaper – packed with important Durham community news – rolling off the presses and into our neighborhoods.
I’m not departing out of lack of respect for my colleagues. They do an amazing job sharing information with readers, news that I’m going to want to keep reading even after I hang up my press pass. The work they do every day is vital and I want to see this newspaper thrive, supported by its community.
And I’m not giving up this job because of our readers. I’ve relished sharing stories with you – some serious, some funny, some sad. I hope you didn’t find them too tedious, especially those moments when I indulge in reveling in fatherhood. I’m still a newbie.
I’m going back to computer game design – a move I never thought I’d make again. But a good friend, Colin Dwan, showed enough confidence in a game idea of mine that he traveled to the E3 conference in Los Angeles and landed funds necessary to launch Prologue Games.
Now I’ll take a lead role in writing and designing an episodic adventure project called Knee Deep.
It is both exhilarating and terrifying to contemplate.
I’m taking the leap because of my faith in Colin, my eagerness to work on a project spawned from my own fevered imagination and my preference to stay in Durham with my wife and son.
So, you’re not getting rid of me that easily. We’ll work at the American Tobacco Campus.
I may dip my feet in the man-made river that flows through the courtyard. Once, twice, three times. Got to get that new adventure off to just the right start.

Wes Platt can be reached at jointhesaga@gmail.com. Keep an eye on his blog at jointhesaga.com and watch prologuegames.com for information about the upcoming game.